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NBL-4800N High-speed Internal Ear loop Type Automatic Flat Mask Production Line (1+1)

Oct. 22, 2020

Medical internal earloop type mask making machine Feature

1.The machine has stable performance, continuous adjustable production speed, high production efficiency, convenient and accurate counting, high raw material utilization, simple and convenient operation and adjustment, high degree of automation, and effective reduction of labor costs.

2. The mask body forming machine adopts the insert type folding device, which is easy and quick to adjust.

3. Large diameter welding wheel is used to effectively reduce product deformation.

4.Using aluminum alloy frame, strong and beautiful, to ensure the size of the finished product is accurate.

5. Using stainless steel clamps, which can be adjusted left and right.

6. Tensioning wheel setting can be performed to adjust the tension of the fabric width, thereby effectively ensuring the beauty and flatness of the finished mask.

7. Adopt independent nose bridge bar delivery unit for easy adjustment and maintenance.

8.Using famous brand ultrasonic transducers, international frequency standard, the output is more powerful and stable; coupled with two sets of ultrasonic systems, effectively guarantee the quality of the product.

9. PLC is used to automatically control the whole machine to reduce the operation difficulty for users.

10. The product discharge position is automatically stacked to facilitate the finishing and stacking of the finished masks.

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